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Reflections in the Park Celebrates 25 Years

Runde Chevrolet

Runde Chevrolet – Proud Dubuque Event Sponsor

Runde Chevrolet Silverado light display at Reflections in the ParkThis year marks the 25th year of Reflections in the Park – Hillcrest Lights Festival!

The event, which raises funds for Hillcrest Family Services, runs through Jan. 4, 2020. It is open 5-10 p.m. daily at Louis Murphy Park in Dubuque. The price is $10 per vehicle at the gate.

Don’t miss the Runde Auto Group Silverado display!  Runde Chevrolet is proud to be a sponsor again for this event.

Santa will be on hand every Monday in December before Christmas between 5 and 8 p.m. to distribute candy to the youngsters. Dog treats will also be given to canine visitors.

Last year, Reflections in the Park was a record-setting event, raising more than $150,000 for Hillcrest programming and seeing almost 13,000 vehicles pass through the gate, according to the Telegraph Herald.  Kids especially love going through the light show and there are plenty of newly added light displays each year so the event never gets old or stale.  And for many families, going through Murphy Park has become a Christmas tradition – a place they can go after Christmas services or after Christmas dinner.  There is definitely something for everyone from from 1 to 92 and the event is something that Dubuquers can be proud of year round as the proceeds from the event do so much good for so many kids.

“I believe we have return visitors year after year because it has become their family tradition,” said Darlene Bolsinger, with Hillcrest Family Services. “So many families we talk to have a set time/date that they come. We have heard many heartwarming stories over the years on how Reflections in the Park has touched their lives.”

We’d love to see you at Reflections in the Park this year!  So pack as many as you legally can into your Suburban or Tahoe and head down South Grandview Avenue until you hit the line of cars waiting patiently to get into Murphy Park.

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