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Ford Bronco Returning Spring 2020

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Runde Ford in Manchester Awaits the All-New Ford Bronco

New Ford Bronco logoThe All-New Ford Bronco’s world premiere will be in the spring of 2020!

With today’s announcement, Ford debuted a new bucking horse logo for the Bronco. Check out the evolution of the logo through the years on this Ford.com future vehicles page.

Introduced in 1966, the Ford Bronco was the world’s first SUV.  A lot of us remember the Bronco and the Bronco II.   Two door SUV’s like the Bronco and the K5 Chevy Blazer were eventually phased out by the demand for 4-door SUV’s as the Sport Utility became a popular mode of transportation by urban and suburban families.  The Bronco was eventually replaced altogether by the Ford Expedition, which is still quite popular today.

Since the unveil isn’t until the spring of 2020, it’s still not clear whether the All-New Ford Bronco will sport 2 or 4 doors. I know the sales staff at Runde Ford in Manchester is eagerly awaiting the unveil of the All-New Ford Bronco as it’s always exciting when the manufacturers release brand new models.  If you’re interested in possibly buying a new Ford Bronco once they’re released, then please get in contact with one of the sales staff members at Runde Ford on Main Street in Manchester, Iowa and they will be able to keep you posted on the latest developments.


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