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The 2020 Ford Expedition Inspires Dr. Pepper’s 15-Pack

Ford's Largest SUV, the vehicle comes standard with 15 cupholders.

photo of Dr. Pepper 15 pack of soda with Ford Expedition on cartonYou will never be in search of a cupholder in the 2020 Ford Expedition.

Ford’s largest SUV, the Expedition comes with 15 cupholders standard! What’s one to do with all that space?

Dr. Pepper has a solution. The soda company has released a limited edition 15-pack inspired by the vehicle’s new “Built to Be a Better Big” advertising campaign.

“We’re solving one of Expedition’s last unsolved big customer needs – what to do with 15 cupholders,” said Adam Longarzo, Ford Expedition consumer marketing manager in a press release. “We’ve teamed up with Dr Pepper to create a 15-pack that puts a drink in each holder and highlights another reason why this is a ‘better big’ vehicle.”


Ford and Dr Pepper will give away the limited-edition 15-packs at the annual University of Texas versus University of Oklahoma football game at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas.

The 2020 Ford Expedition will arrive in our Manchester, Iowa showroom soon.

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