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Runde Tech Earns Ford Senior Master Tech Certification

Ford Dealership Near Dyersville
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Presentation of Ford Senior Master Tech award to Brandon Goranson of Runde Ford in Manchester Iowa

Pictured L-R: -Greg Runde, Owner
-Aaron Dalrick, Field Service Engineer for the Midwest Region
-Brandon Goranson, Ford Senior Master Tech
-Summer Penney, Service Manager
-Jeff Runde, Owner
-Rod Peterson, Process Manager

Brandon Goranson, a technician at Runde Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Manchester, recently completed his Ford Senior Master Tech certification ?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Well don’t all repair shops have trained mechanics?  Doesn’t that place down the street advertise having ASE certified mechanics?”

Well let’s briefly examine what ASE certified means.  In a nutshell it means that a mechanic takes courses at a local college or community college and takes a test.

The Senior Master Technician title is strictly for techs who have gone to the greatest lengths of the Ford Training Curriculum.

Since the title of Master Tech was first introduced in 1999, only a relatively small number of technicians have actually achieved this level of accomplishment. To reach the Ford Master Technician level, a mechanic is required to complete hundreds of hours of school, pass many certification exams and be a Ford Technician for at least 5 years at a Ford dealership.

Since becoming a Ford Senior Master Tech involves hundreds upon hundreds of hours of training (both online and in local classrooms) beyond ASE basic certification, one could accurately describe a Master Tech as someone who strives for excellence and someone who is completely dedicated to his/her craft.  And all this classroom training is on top of the real life experiences these techs experience day after day and year after year in the workplace.

Only 2% of Ford techs in the Chicago region achieve this feat, which takes 673 hours of training!  So when you bring your Ford vehicle into Runde’s in Manchester for repairs or maintenance, rest assured that we have the talent to repair your vehicle properly.  Brandon, who is from Greeley IA, has worked at Runde’s for 8 years. CONGRATS, Brandon!  Everyone at Runde Auto Group is extremely proud of you and this remarkable accomplishment.
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